Friday, July 16, 2010

Microsoft Tries to Push Bing on Everybody
by Dave Alm

Bing is Microsoft's attempt to get in on the search engine business. It is terrible, especially compared with Google. (You can test sample Google searches against Bing searches at if you don't believe me. It will open your eyes.)

While there is nothing wrong with making a terrible product, what Microsoft has been doing lately has me all riled up. It appears to me they are trying to sneak their cruddy Bing onto all of our computers without our consent!

I see a lot of computers coming through our shop and they are all starting to have Bing on them. It is worth noting that no customer has ever told me they installed Bing or how much they love bing. (If you are one of our customers who loves Bing, do let me know and I will take this back.) It seems to me Microsoft has been using their market dominance to change all of our default search engines settings to Bing. It is usually done without so much as asking your permission in any way that you would notice it. When you do a Windows upgrade, perhaps a browser update, you will suddenly find that your browser's default search engine is no longer whatever it was.

It is almost a certainty you liked your old search engine choice better than bing. When you attempt to change back to Google, you will find it is not there as a choice. You will have to wade through 3 or 4 pages of third-rate search-enginey things to finally find the it, and then it is unclear that it is the "real" Google search engine.

I am wondering why nobody has tried to stop Microsoft from doing this? You can stop them on your computer. Change your preferred search engine back to Google!