Monday, June 07, 2010

Twelve Suggestions for Avoiding Malware
by Dave Alm

1. Avoid sites and discard e-mails offering anything “free” – i.e.: free games, free tunes, free wallpaper, free ringtones, etc.

2. Don’t unsubscribe to e-mails, unless it is a known.

3. Don’t use file-sharing services like Kazaa, gnutella, limewire, etc.

4. Run your anti-malware program weekly or any time you suspect you have a problem.

5. Don’t open any unexpected e-mails – i.e.: Viagra, mortgages, “help me get a million dollars out of the country”, etc.

6. Install a “site advisor” to help you avoid "poisoned" sites.

7. Block pop-ups and unsigned scripts in your browser.

8. Block images in e-mail. This is the default setting in Gmail.

9. Don’t let anyone else use your computer.

10. Convert to Google's Gmail for your email provider. It’s free, secure and you will get a LOT less spam than with your current provider, esp. Yahoo and Hotmail. Their address is:

11. Keep your anti-virus software up to date and consider buying the more complete version which helps against malware.

12. Use common sense.

In the coming years we will see malware and viruses get worse as the incentives for the criminals who do these things increase. Adopting safe practices and thinking before you click can save you a lot of headaches.

If you follow these steps and still wind up getting infected, or if you would like help implementing these measures on your computer, call Dave’s Computer World at 563-3504!