Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Help! My hard drive just died!!!
by Dave Alm

Your hard drive just failed! You have lost everything!
Every vital data file is gone or totally scrambled --
all of your computer work for over five years GONE!
What will you do? Will your business even survive?

This is some serious pain you want to avoid. You need
to have your computer up and running. You couldn’t
bear to lose your bookkeeping system, company data,
family photos -- the horror stories we see almost daily.

We have the solution to your problem. This is something
you have to do BEFORE your hard drive dies. You owe
it to yourself, your company, your family.

Our new product, designed by software engineers,
transparently backs up your whole system on the fly.
Your backup is up to the minute with no degradation
of your computer’s performance. You will not even
know it’s there.

It's so easy! We take the human out of the process.
Once installed, you never have to do anything. When
the unthinkable happens you are prepared. Total
recovery is fast and inexpensive. What a feeling
knowing you’re protected!

This solution is priced from 169 to 650, depending
on the capacity. Order today -- sleep better tonight!
The Backup Experts -- Dave’s Computer World