Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dead Camera Memory Card, Flash or Thumb Drive?
by Dave Alm

Ever had a camera card stop working with all of your vacation pictures, birthday pictures, family reunion pictures on it? Urgh! Those little camera cards we trust with all of our memories often get clobbered, either from physical damage we can see, moisture, static electricity.

At Dave's Computer World we have got in a new solution that allows us to recover most lost photos from damaged camera cards, flash drives and thumb drives. One important thing you can do once the media stops responding is to stop fiddling with it. Often data is irretrievably lost when people "try different things."

Bring in those damage cards and let us get your memories back for you!
Intel’s New Core i7 Rocks!
by Dave Alm

Intel’s newest chip is the Core i7 and it is smoking FAST! These are around five times faster than the average dual core processor most people now have. If you do anything that requires real speed, take a serious look at this new speed demon.

The i7 is a quad-core desktop processor with hyper-threading. This means it has four brains inside of the main chip, all working together. There are 6 versions of this chip, from the 920 through the 9750.

Whether number crunching, working with photos, editing videos, gaming, doing CAD rendering – all of these users would see benefits from a computer with this new processor. If you do any of these or are just ready for a new FAST computer, stop in today and let us build one for you!